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El mito de la violencia

Efecto McGurk

Cerebro, mente, institución

Robar y hacer trampa

Desobediencia tecnológica

Creatividad, cerebro y ¡ajá!

Coming soon to Southern Oregon University for the 2nd annual Creativity Conference at SOU. This event has something for everyone, including those who study the science of creativity, seek to leverage research on creative thinking, or simply consider themselves to becreative!  Keynote speakers:Teresa Amabile and Dean Simonton.  Join them for presentations on the latest in creativity […]

The Potential Predatory Violence Inventory (PPVI), is an inventory that can be used as screening in the detection of risks of extreme violence behaviors, for example school shootings. It was recently published in Penagos-Corzo, J. C., Antonio, A. A., Dorantes-Argándar, G., & Alcázar-Olán, R. J. (2019). Psychometric Properties and Development of a Scale Designed to […]

EDFbrowser 165 Mac Compiled

EDFbrowser, compiled for Mac (High Sierra. Mac OS X 10.13.6) with Xcode 9.4.1 EDFbrowser is a free, open source toolbox intended for EEG, EMG, ECG, etc ( The distribution that I compiled is 165. When you run it for first time, you will need to open it with contextual menu and select Open. Download EDFbrowser 165 compiled […]

Creatividad e inspiración

«Nada es más nocivo para la creatividad que el furor de la inspiración» Umberto Eco

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