EDFbrowser, compiled for Mac (Sierra. Mac OS X 10.12.5) with Xcode 8.3.2

EDFbrowser is a free, open source toolbox intended for EEG, EMG, ECG, etc (http://www.teuniz.net/edfbrowser/)

The distribution that I compiled is 159.

When you run it for first time, you will need to open it with contextual menu and select Open.

Download EDFbrowser 159 compiled for Mac

You will need:

1.- Instal command line terminal tools typing in Terminal: xcode-select —install (Don’t pay attention to the dialog box about install Xcode, or that Xcode is missing)

2.- Install macports http://www.macports.org

3.-Type in terminal: sudo port install qt4-mac (It will take a long time) Don’t pay attention to the dialog box about install Xcode, or that Xcode is missing)

4.- Cross your finger and double click on EDFbrowser.

Instructions how to compile EDFbrowser on the Mac (156 version, but you will need to change version number)

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5 Comments para “EDFbrowser 159 Mac compiled”

  1. […] The distribution that I compiled is 156. (Update: 159 here) […]

  2. sobre 30 Ago 2017 en 1:38 amGabriel

    The following links (https://www.dropbox.com/s/0gond2fab0jg3hb/edfbrowser159.zip?dl=0) do not refer to the correct version of the software. We download a .ZIP version 1.59 but when we extract the archive, it is version 1.52.
    have a good day

  3. sobre 02 Sep 2017 en 11:31 amJulio César Penagos

    the version is 1.59. For sure.

  4. sobre 03 Oct 2017 en 6:45 amPicard


    I have installed EDFbrowser following your instructions and succeed (version 159)
    When I try to open a test .edf file founded on the web it opens.
    When I try to open a file that my customer provide me to test EDF browser, I get an error message: Error, file is marked as EDF+ but local patient identification field does not comply to the EDF+ standard: “001ANGERS- 441297156 F 09-JAN-1959 001ANGERSFR02_001ANGERSFR02” File is not a valid EDF or BDF file.

    I tried open this file with the mac and windows version of EDF browser and get the same error message.
    I tried then to open this file with another programm (Polyman) and the file opened correctly.
    My issue is that my customer work on a mac.

    Have you any idea to help me?


  5. sobre 03 Oct 2017 en 13:55 pmJulio César Penagos

    Dear Jerome

    I think that 1.60 version has fixed an issue that can be related with the error.

    I do not have time to compile it right now. I will try to do it on this weekend

    If you want to try: https://www.teuniz.net/edfbrowser/

    All the best

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