5 Mobile tools for Experimental and Cognitive Psychology

If you are looking for some iPhone or iPad apps for experiments related to cognitive psychology or cognitive neuroscience maybe this apps are for you.

iPsymRTExperimental Psychology app
This application measures response times of the listener to a tone stimulus over background noise or music. The tone and background noise or music are user defined and have independent volume controls. Listeners must acknowledge hearing the tone by touching the screen in response. The subsequent results are reaction times to the stimulus. These reaction times can be used as an evaluation measure for both divided and selective attention.

n-back cognitive memory psychology appN-Back
There are many apps with this task. N-back Suite is a collection of n-back tasks, but you can find in the iTunes Store another options. N-Back suite is more configurable. N-back apps are for gaming but it can be used on experiments.

RFspotter is a powerful new tool for preliminary assessments of the location and tuning properties of receptive fields (RFs) in the early visual pathway (retina, LGN, V1, V2, V4, MT). Various classes of stimuli (gratings, noise, textures) can be generated and mirrored to an external monitor or a projector using the iPad-2 VGA or HDMI adaptor. Several stimulus parameters (size, orientation, spatial position, direction of motion) are controlled in real-time via multi-touch gestures. Other parameters, such as contrast, color, background and numerous pattern-specific parameters are controlled via popup menus on the iPad’s screen.

psychophysics experiment app psychologyPsypad
PsyPad is an open source platform for facilitating visual psychophysics experiments on an iPad. Using customisable staircases or MOCS, the researcher can control presentation of any stimuli that can be precomputed as PNG image files, including movies. Features include participant accounts, up to 4 response buttons, comprehensive log files, and remote test configuration using the PsyPad server. A demo mode with access to a public gallery of tests also makes PsyPad useful for teaching.

Spike RecorderApp for experimental and neuroscience 
Spike Recorder application includes both long continuous and threshold views, and once you have recorded your data, you can analyze the neural spike trains, measure reaction times, and calculate statistics just like professional neuroscientists. It works with sounds. The EMG signal can be translated to a sound if your can use it. Spike Recorder can be used for reaction time.


If you are looking for assessment of neuropsychological functions there are a other options like:

Token Test  Token Test focuses on the quantification of the receptive function and short-term verbal memory of aphasics
Inhibitory Control Test The Inhibitory Control Test is a Neuropsychological test. It is used to assess attention and response inhibition
Trail Making Test Trail Making Test A is a widely used diagnostic test to assess many types of memory and neuropsychological disorders
Memory Screening Test It was designed to screen basic memory ability in acute care environments, such as the trauma center and inpatient hospital settings
CogState Memory, attention, executive functions assessment)
Cantab Mobile Memory assessment, but Cantab has another tools in Cantab site

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